Island Plantation -- I feel that's all I need to type. Don't read about it, just look at it. This is the ideal stay when in Bocas del Toro. With Bluff Beach just steps away and 4 km of private white-sand beach, if your plan is to get away from everyone and everything, you can't go wrong here. When I arrived it was nighttime so I couldn't fully appreciate the surroundings. When morning came -- wow. And there's dogs!
If the pool isn't enough for you, walk about 50 steps to the beach, listen to some music and enjoy a drink at the bar. At night the pool deck transforms into a glowing area with a fire pit and warm pool. One night a bat continually circled the pool and dove in for a dip.
Also, you can take the long walk up to the yoga platform high above the jungle. Incredibly peaceful!
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I have a private beachfront two-floor house. The windows have screens that allow you to hear the waves on the beach day and night. The cool breeze comes through and really provides a restful sleep. The resort is off the grid so there's minimal technology. Don't expect a TV or phone in the room. But really, you're in paradise, so this is your chance to remove yourself from the world's chaos.
A private beach paradise