Experiencing Panama's biodiversity
This colourful oddly shaped building in Panama City could be seen from many of the places we visited. I wondered what it was and heard it was Biomuseo. Of course, I insisted we check it out. And we did.
Opened in 2014 and already expanding with new exhibits, the bio museum recognizes and celebrates Panama's biodiversity. It showcases the animals, the plants and natural formations that have made the area what it is. It also highlights problems that are invading the local ecosystems. We can see animals and creatures on the endangered list and learn about what we can do to help the environment. It was eye opening to learn that so many different species were and are impacted by urban development. Remember, this isn't just happening in Panama. It's happening everywhere.
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After learning about the animals and critters of the area, visitors step into a wild experience with 10 massive screens that transport you high above the land, on the land and deep underwater. For a few minutes I was in awe and looked up and down and spun around to take in everything. It was sensory overload -- in a good way.
From there we learn about rock formations and see how land has shifted over the years, well, millions of years.
The interactive tour has you guessing to see what you think you know about history. I was wrong on a lot of the trivia!
From there I walked through what looked like a dangerous scene: towering animals on the attack. Some of these animals have changed over time and some of them aren't even around anymore. Thankfully the museum remembers them so you can take a selfie with the departed.
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