Shopping time
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of a shopper -- especially in a place where the American dollar is currency and you're rockin' Canadian cash. But when you have a chance to explore Albrook Mall, the largest mall in Central America, how can you not? Plus, we're staying at the Wyndham hotel attached to the mall so it isn't much of a commute!
Our tour of the over 700 stores and retail outlets starts on a golf cart before the mall opens. (The joys of private tours with PR folks!) But I quickly noticed once the mall opened, there was also a train we could've taken to get around.
Early in the morning the mall was fairly quiet but come evening it was packed with shoppers. Line-ups at stores, standing room only at food courts -- it was clear Albrook is a popular place to visit.
As always, I visit a KFC to continue a family tradition. (There's more than one location at the mall!)
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